Our Process

Step 1 Let's Connect Our Process - Step 1
Call or request a quote!

We make it easy to get in touch with us, whether you reach out to one of our qualified customer service professionals standing by to take your call M-F 8-5, or you can call your local store, or submit a quick quote and we'll follow up ASAP.

Step 2 Talk to Us Our Process - Step 2
We'll help make sure that we're addressing everything that needs to be considered for your metal roof or building.

In addition to personal aesthetic and color preferences, it's important to identify what kind of materials will stand up best to your local weather. We'll make sure to get all of those details — and identify any accessories or supplies you need for your project — when creating your estimate.

Step 3 Place Your Order Our Process - Step 3
When you're ready, we'll get your order placed!

We'll make sure to give you a solid timeline on when your order will be ready.

Step 4 Made to Order Our Process - Step 4
26 years of experience in making exceptional metal roofs & buildings to order.

We began manufacturing metal roofing and metal buildings in 1998 and have grown from a one-man, one-shed shop, to 11 store locations with nation-wide delivery. Whether you're a homeowner ordering a shed for your backyard, a contractor needing roofing for a large construction project, or one of our national partners stocking up for stores across the country, we take pride in every piece of every order. The technology we've invested in allows us to get orders out at the quickest turn-around rates without sacrificing quality.

Step 5 Pickup or Delivery? Our Process - Step 5
We deliver nationwide or your order can be picked up from your local shop.

Once your metal roof or building has been made and gone through our quality-control check, we'll get it out on the truck for delivery or mark it ready for pickup by you or your contractor.*

*Delivery and/or pick-up details are established in the ordering process so we can make sure to get your order to you, or have it at the right location at the right time.