Baldwyn Woman Gets New Roof For Christmas

Baldwyn Woman Gets New Roof For Christmas
BALDWYN, Miss. (WTVA) - A Baldwyn great-grandmother is on top of the world tonight.

This after she got the surprise of her life earlier today. She thought it was the Publishers Clearing House prize patrol outside her home.

"We are with Reed's Metals and you have been nominated and selected as the winner of our 'Covering the Community' roof giveaway," said Jeremy Butler, Reed's Metals Partner

"Oh mercy I really needed this," said Bobbie Lou Hill of Baldwyn

An early Christmas gift for the great-grandmother. A new $10,000 roof because her current roof she says is literally falling apart.

"You can see it’s just been leaking and it’s been leaking for about year. I knew I couldn’t get that fix. I was just thinking as long as I had my house and it didn’t leak on me at night, I will be all right," said Hill.

But for the grandmother who does so much for others, Bobbie Lou’s living conditions wasn’t all right for her loved ones.

"She had one put on and the people took advantage of her and the roof is literally falling in on her. She never thinks about herself and she does without she takes care of the community," said Pam Hill, Bobbie Lou's daughter-in-law.

So little did Bobbie Lou know, her family entered her story into the second annual Reed’s Metals "Covering the Community" contest.

Reed's Metals received more than a hundred entries and Bobbie Lou’s story touched their employees' hearts.

"Our employees picked her because of the overwhelming support from her family, and her story really touched us," Butler continued.

And there was no shortage of support as Bobbie Lou’s family, friends and a caring community showered her with lots of love this Christmas season.

"I wasn’t ever thinking of anything like this happening to me," she said.

And weather permitting Bobbie Lou Hill will get her new roof next Friday.
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