A Christmas miracle for two

A Christmas miracle for two
Lindy Donald, a secretary at Baptist Health Systems in Jackson, has had a tarp on her roof for quite some time. She lives in Richland with her husband and son.

Alice Ruth Jointer of Wesson commutes a long way to her job each day to the Jackson Police Department. She, too, has had a tarp on her roof for a long time now.

Reed’s Metals corporate headquarters in Brookhaven had planned to name one winner of their second annual “Covering the Community” project, but ended up choosing two.

As a way to thank the local community for its support, the company is donating free metal roofs to both women.

Donald received 15 nominations from friends, family members and coworkers. Reed’s Metals team members showed up at her work site with a free roof certificate, a cameraman and the good news.

She was completely surprised and couldn’t speak — just too emotional. Donald posted to her Facebook page, “‘This truly amazes me — the support my family and I have in our lives. I am over 1,000 miles away from my family who lives in Michigan, but I have so many people here that are my family and have made my life amazing. ”

Neighbors nominated Jointer. One of Jointer’s nominators claimed she didn’t know who lived in the home but has prayed every day that her roof would be repaired, even going on further to say that if she “ever wins the lottery, she will buy that lady a new roof.”

That nominator passes by the roof several times a day — for years — and has always hoped a miracle would happen. It happened indeed.

“I feel blessed. I am overly excited. You know, you look in your own direction and try to get things done and you feel backed up against the wall, but then you know there is a higher power at work.

“ Everyone told me to be patient and that it would all work itself out. I am truly, truly thankful for their assistance,” said Jointer.

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Alice Ruth Jointer, left, of Wesson is presented with
Alice Ruth Jointer, left, of Wesson is presented with a certificate for a free roof by Jessica Breazeale, who works in marketing at Reed’s Metals. Jointer’s neighbors nominated her to receive the free roof in the Reed’s Metals second annual “Covering the Community” project. (Photo: Special to The Clarion-Ledger)

Nominations of deserving individuals and their stories were accepted through online applications on the Reed’s Metals website starting Oct. 15 through Dec. 2. Over 1,300 nominations were submitted this holiday season, and Reed’s anticipates twice as many next year since the company announced its plan to hold the contest each year.

All winners this year have just been named: Lindy Donald of Richland, Alice Ruth Jointer of Wesson, Bobbie Lou Hill of Baldwyn, Cathy Barker of Jackson, Tennessee, Martha Dumars of Cape Girardeau, Missouri and Mary Cormier of Sulphur, Louisiana. The winners were completely surprised when Reed’s Metals team members showed up at their homes or work sites to present them with a free roof certificate and the announcement. These families will have a new joy to celebrate during the holidays, saying goodbye to leaks, buckets and tarps that cover their roofs.

“Mississippi has been so good to us ever since we started the home office on June 1, 1998, out of a small, portable shed in Lawrence County. We now have 10 stores to better serve our customers. What a long way we’ve come,” says Bernie Reed, CEO and president of Reed’s Metals.

“It’s heart-breaking to see just how many people really need this type of assistance in our area. But, it’s amazing to be part of a great team of people who truly believe in this ‘Covering the Community’ project. We get emotionally connected to all the stories that come flooding in. It’s hard choosing a winner but we do have a panel of judges that review each application so that the best winner — the most deserving is chosen,” said Jessica Breazeale, Marketing and PR at Reed’s Metals.

The winners should be warm and dry now — a true Christmas miracle.

For more info, visit www.reedsmetals.com.
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