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Reed's Metals PEMB History

Reed’s Metals was founded by Bernard “Bernie” T. Reed in 1998, operating from a portable shed in Lawrence County, Mississippi. Headquartered in Brookhaven, MS, Reed’s Metals has set the industry standard for quality products and quality service. Through hard work and dedication to delivering an exceptional customer experience, the company has grown into one of the South’s leaders in metal roofing and pre-engineered metal buildings.

On August 10, 2020, Reed’s Metals took a major step and announced a merger with Oakland Metal Buildings. Located in Florence, AL, Oakland Metal Buildings has been providing building solutions for a complete range of end uses since 1962. State-of-the-art technology are utilized to provide quick, accurate pricing and design of custom building projects and mini-storage facilities.

The combined company will go by the name of Reed’s Metals. The new name represents the company’s unified commitment to effectively serve customers and communities across the Southeastern United States just with more locations to support our customers’ goals and growth strategies. We also remain an MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturers Association) member.

Reed’s Metals is dedicated to customer satisfaction, continued operational excellence, and innovation. This merger gives us 10 locations which include 8 manufacturing plants and 2 retail store fronts. We have 3 IAS AC472 Accredited Metal Building plants. The three IAS plants are located in Florence, AL, Brookhaven, MS, and Horseshoe Beach, FL (as of October 2021).  This gives us additional capacity to continue to meet your building delivery needs.

Great buildings, great service, great people! We look forward to taking care of your metal building needs. Reed’s Metals, stronger together!

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Benefits of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Reed’s Metal Buildings are custom-engineered, high-quality metal building systems utilized in a variety of applications including industrial, warehouse, commercial, institutional, recreational, and many other applications. As a member of MBMA, our manufacturing and engineering policies, practices, and procedures assure the structural integrity and quality of our metal buildings.

Metal building systems have become a popular and cost-efficient building solution among architects and building owners. The design possibilities are virtually endless. Steel is the strongest and most cost-efficient construction available. Metal buildings offer clear advantages compared to conventional construction:

  • Metal buildings are cost-effective and cost less than conventional construction (up to 30% less). Our metal buildings are fabricated in IAS accredited plants so you can be confident of the quality and code compliance. Metal buildings are low maintenance and extremely durable. With 25-year galvalume panel finish warranties and 45-year painted panel finish warranties you can rest assured of longevity.
  • Metal buildings are easy to erect and go up fast. Our process can reduce the time to design, produce, and fabricate your building. The result is “lower in-place costs” and provides for a quicker occupancy.
  • Metal buildings are versatile which lends to a wide variety of possibilities. Architects like the fact that metal buildings offer flexibility of design. Not all metal buildings have to look like a “metal building”. Get all the benefits of a metal building but add a masonry wainscot, utilize brick or a stucco wall system, or add a parapet.
  • Metal buildings can be designed to be easily added onto. Need a warehouse with the ability to add on to as you grow? No problem, we will just design the endwall or sidewall for a future expansion.

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Certifications & Affiliations

Reed’s Metals is an IAS Accredited Building Manufacturer

Choosing to do business with an IAS-accredited building systems manufacturer means that you are serious about the quality of the materials that go into your building and the capabilities of the company that supplies them. Reed’s Metals has achieved IAS AC472 accreditation for their metal building plants located in Florence, AL and Brookhaven, MS. To achieve accreditation, a manufacturer must have in place a comprehensive quality-assurance program.  Click for: Additional PEMB ResourcesIAS Website , Certificate of Accreditation for Reed's Metals of Brookhaven, MS.Certificate of Accreditation for Reed's Metals of Florence, AL.

Reed’s Metals is a MBMA Member (Metal Building Manufacturers Association)

As a member of MBMA, our manufacturing and engineering policies, practices, and procedures are audited annually. Review of building code compliance, quality control procedures, design specifications, etc. are all part of being a MBMA member. This assures the structural integrity and quality of our metal buildings. Click here: MBMA Website.

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