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Primary Steel Frame Options

For ultimate design flexibility your metal building can be designed to your desired dimensions and requirements. Clear Span and Multi-Span options are available to meet your needs. Other benefits are:

  • Offers the capability for innovative designs and special applications.
  • All frame options can be designed for either bypass or flush wall girts
  • Available with tapered or straight columns.

Clear Span Frame

When you need large open spaces the Clear Span frame is the choice. It can be designed in symmetrical and asymmetrical configurations.

Clear Span Frame

Multi-Span Frame

The Multi-Span frame is available in gable or single slope options. The interior columns provide multiple spans across wider buildings. This can be a more economical option on building widths of 80’ and greater when interior columns are acceptable.

Multi-Span Fram (image needed)

Single Slope Frame

The Single Slope frame is available as clear span or multi-span. This is a flexible solution that offers the roof to slope in one direction. If there are drainage restrictions this can be an excellent option. Facades and parapets can be used to give the appearance that all surrounding walls are the same height.

Single Slope Frame (image needed)

Lean-To Frame

The Lean-To frame joins to, and is supported by, a main frame column. It is an economical way to extend or expand the square footage of an existing or new building. Leave the walls open to achieve a covered area.

Lean-to Frame+Clear Span Frame (image needed)

Secondary Framing Systems

Zee Purlin (image needed)Eave Strut (image needed)

Wall secondary structural are rolled cold-formed zee girts. Girt conditions refer to how the horizontal girts are attached to the exterior columns of your building.

Flush Girt (image needed)Bypass Girt (image needed)

A Flush Girt condition provides maximum floor space as no space is provided between the columns and the exterior panels. A Bypass Girt condition attaches to the outside of the exterior columns and is typically the most economical option.


TS-324 PanelImage title

Roof Panel

The TS-324 standing seam roof is designed to float by attaching the panel to sliding clips that prevent damage from thermal expansion and contraction. TS-324 panels provide 24” width coverage with 3” high trapezoidal ribs. TS-324 panels are mechanically seamed with an electric seaming machine, developing a full 360 degree rolled seam – preferred by many architects and specifiers. Minimum roof slope is 1/4:12.

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Mech-Seam PanelMech-Seam

Roof Panel

The Mech-Seam standing seam roof (sometimes referred to as an architectural standing leg roof) is an attractive option for architectural and high slope applications. Mech-Seam panels provide 16” width coverage with a 2” standing leg vertical seam. The Mech-Seam panels are mechanically seamed with an electric seaming machine. Minimum roof slope is 1/2:12.

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Roof Panel / Wall Panel

PBR is a long-time industry standard and a commonly used profile on a wide variety of commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural applications. It offers a simple and efficient installation at a good value. PBR panels provide 36” width coverage with 1-1/4” ribs spaced on 12” centers. Minimum roof slope is 1/2:12.

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PBR Reverse Panel

Image title

Wall Panel

PBR Reverse wall is the reverse of the standard PBR wall panel. With the inverted 1-1/4” ribs spaced on 12” centers you get a semi-concealed fastener appearance. It also allows more space for wall insulation as the flat of the panel stands off the girt line.

Translucent Panel

Image title

Roof Panel / Wall Panel

Translucent panels are offered in the PBR profile. The Wall Translucent Panels are 5’-6” in length and the Roof Translucent Panels are 11-0” in length. It is an economical way to allow natural light to filter into the building.

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Ask us about accessories for your metal building. Accessories include:

  • Purlins
  • Walkdoors
  • Windows
  • Ridge Vents
  • Fans
  • Louvers
  • Building Insulation

Panel Colors

Selecting a color scheme for your metal building project is an important step. At Reed’s Metals we offer a wide range of colors for you to choose from. You can choose from Silicone Polyester finish or Trinar finish. Both options have a 45-year finish warranty on painted panels. Acrylic-Coated Galvalume panels have a 25-year finish warranty. See our color charts on our Resources page.

Metal Roofing Color Visualizer

Utilize the metal roofing color visualizer.

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