Corrugated is a HOT COMMODITY right now

You know the saying, “what goes around comes back around”. Just like with fashion, metal has a way of making a "come-back". What was “old” will be “new” again-at some point. That is definitely the case for a type of metal called corrugated. Corrugated metal has been a long-time staple in agricultural building projects, but today architects and designers are finding new and innovative ways to utilize corrugated metal for accents, siding and roofing. It's an inexpensive option used in a variety of applications on residential, agricultural and industrial buildings...and its low-maintenance.

For those very limited in metal knowledge, corrugated metal is wavy or has many wave-like ripples in it. I like to call it decorative and fun with a bold industrial look. When paired with the right decor, corrugated metal can also give a farm or country feel to any home or business. For the very knowledgeable metal lover, our corrugated metal measures from center wave to center wave at 1.25 inches. The height of the wave is .25 inches. We recommend not installing under a 3:12 pitch. Keep in mind when measuring, our corrugated metal sheets come 24 inches wide.

While corrugated metal may be the original, classic metal roofing and siding style, these panels are tough, light weight and practical. Our corrugated metal comes in over 20 colors in stock with a 40-year paint system warranty or even an acrylic-coated galvalume substrate with a 25-year warranty. For a glossy sheen texture and look, we can make your corrugated metal sheets galvanized. Corrugated metal sheets at Reed's Metals come in 24", 26" and 29" gauges. These are an economical and durable solution for your next project.

The paint system employed on our product is energy efficient and offers optimum exterior protection plus superior resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet radiation. Not all people want their metal fading, so make sure you shop wisely. Quite a long way metal has come in recent years!

Color selections are close representations but are limited by processing and viewing conditions. Actual samples are available upon request. Estimates are free. Order today, pick-up today!

So, what are people doing with their corrugated metal now?

Kitchen backsplash

Bathtub and Showers

Replacing dry wall with corrugated metal

Wainescot your walls (doing half or a portion of your walls for a beautiful look)

Exterior Walls

Interior Walls

Interior Projects


Patio Covers






Kitchen islands

Book cases and shelving




Garden or flower beds

Window awnings


Trunks or toy chests

And plenty more. We've seen it all!

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